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Dimensions: 600mm x 50m


Self-adhesive for easy application – no taping required. Lightweight, easy-to-handle rolls. Forward wound. High tear & puncture resistance. 100% waterproof. Easy to cut with a knife.


Color: Blue
  • Hard Floor Sticky Roll is a 100% waterproof, high-quality self-adhesive film designed specifically for protecting hard surfaces such as vinyl, marble, tiled and cured timber floors. It is perfect for preventing damage from spillages and other debris as well as reducing clean up time at the end of a building, DIY project or party/event, etc.

    The low tack adhesive film adheres to most hard surfaces without any tape required and will stay securely in place once applied, making it safer to use than traditional dust sheets and polythene. After use, it can be peeled away without leaving any residue which can be a problem with poor quality films.

    The lightweight rolls are forward wound (adhesive side is on the inside and therefore not exposed to dirt) which makes the rolls perfect for application with an applicator or by hand. This product can also be used for protection of items after manufacture to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

    • Self-adhesive for easy application – no taping required
    • Lightweight, easy-to-handle rolls
    • Forward wound
    • High tear & puncture resistance
    • 100% waterproof
    • Easy to cut with a knife
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